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Atomic Boxing
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"Great For All Ages and Abilities"

I love the tough classes and instructors that push me to do my best. I have referred many friends and many have returned and either bought the passes or joined.

Love it! I tell everyone about it.

I do appreciate my gym and I consider it my second home.

I'm really happy with the school, it is close to home,  price is moderate, the staff have good people's skills.

So happy since I joined Atomic Kickboxing. The workouts are great and with dedication anyone can see results. The music is a big part what helps push you through the workout when it doesn't't seem like you have energy left. All the staff is really nice and helpful.

Great classes that really work up a sweat. Both teachers and students really into it. Hour goes by quickly.

Staff if terrific.  Have never had a bad class.  Julia is my main instructor and she's always keeping it fresh and changing it up.

Since joining I have enjoyed all the classes I've attended. Met some great people, it's been the best stress relief for me.

I think that the school is fine.  I like it.  I have a lot of fun.  I like the music, Instructors, and the hours.  I wish I could train more, though.  I do what I can. 

This is my favorite gym that I have belonged to, and I plan on staying a member for as long as I live here. :)

I can tell that the instructors care about their profession and are always ready to answer questions. It's not just a job for the staff. You can always tell those who really like what they do. I'm happy with my decision to join almost a year an a half ago.

I absolutely love my instructors Patty, Chris, Gabby and Julia.   I am very happy at AB because of the awesome instructors, their challenging workouts, and because of the friendships that I have made there.  Thank you!!!
I have enjoyed the experience.  I have been in very good shape and am happy with my results.

The classes are fun and a great workout, but the key to it all in my eyes is unpredictability. If I don't know what the instructor is going to call out next, or I'm surprised by music I haven't heard in awhile, it puts my mind on something other than how hard it is to do the workout, and then I can excel. My favorite classes have been the ones where the instructor surprises us with some one-on-one work or a random drill I've never done before, or they put on some upbeat music tracks I've never heard before.

I really enjoy the professional trainers, real martial artist teaching.

Excellent instructors, especially Julia, Lawrence, Tom, and Tim. Julia is also very helpful in answering fitness related questions and in customer-related concerns.

I enjoy the support and care of your staff. I feel accomplished and proud of myself after each work out. You guys are great! Keep it up!

"So Much Better Than a Gym!"

I love Atomic... (not just saying that).  Probably what I like most is the intensity of the workouts.

Love AB.  I belong to two gyms.  Regular cardio wasn't cutting it.  I do both gym at lunch, AB at night.  Even the members are amazing.  Made some fun friends.

Love it, Love it, Love it. I've had a head injury and suffer from headaches a lot that is the only reason that you do not see me every day. Keep up a good work. Thank you.

I LOVE Atomic Boxing. You guys are awesome!

AB is a first class operation. Great comfortable atmosphere, enthusiastic disciplined staff (most of you) and the schedule is ideal and should accommodate anyone interested. It's high energy training that inspires you to train hard and make progress. It is undoubtedly my best go to training studio.

Staff is always friendly and knows members on a personal level. Site is clean and equipment is always in working order.

Friendly and helpful staff! Intense workout!

Love it! Wish I would have tried out and joined years ago!!

I think everyone is great. always friendly and informative. The staff is always available for questions and help. very approachable

I love the variety of classes you get...a different workout or technique from each instructor. Always something new!!

"I would like to thank the Staff in the San Pedro - they all have been great and attentive to my needs and others at the gym. Without this kind of staff the gym would not have that friendly feeling, Its would seem like just like an ordinary gym.

Great staff who are knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable.

I enjoy the classes because personally, I like structured courses. I do appreciate that the gym also has treadmills and weights. The staff seem to be great, and have warmed up more so over time.

"I Feel Welcome at Atomic"

Great staff/trainers! Truly something for everyone in terms of training. Might be helpful to clarify trainers' styles to match class descriptions to help members choose which class would best suit their training needs. Some trainers are more about cardio vs. others focusing on punching technique for example.

I love the variety and appreciate that classes work out every part of my body! Take a bow -- great gym.

I think it is great. This is the one place I can get a great workout without being bored. I like the atmosphere and have met some cool people there also.

Love it all the service and staff

It's one of the best gyms/martial arts places that really takes the time to get to know their clients on a one on one basis.

It's got a family like atmosphere. I love this place!

Everyone is very friendly, professional and positive.  Since I have been taking Lawrence's classes, I see serious results!

I love coming to class and being with people who want to get fit and have fun too.  I never thought I would like martial arts but these classes are addicting!

I am so glad I joined you gym. I tell everybody I can. I always gone to "the gym" trying to do the minimum w/o feeling guilty. Here I know when it starts, when it end, and that I'll work my butt off for 60 minutes. First time I've ever worked out and gotten positive results.

The classes are great, never boring.

I really like the place. The instruction/classes are keeping me in shape. The environment and other members feel like a community to me. I especially like Julia and Patty's classes.

Your instructors and staff make this one of my favorite places to be (especially Chris, Julia and Colin)! Intensity is great, facility is great, but it's definitely the instructors and their passion that make Atomic the place to be.

I love Atomic Boxing. Everyone is great and the trainers are knowledgeable and help out when needed.

I love Atomic...my favorite gym and workout. I would love to own more Atomic gear!

Knowledgeable of heath & fittness, very friendly, very personable to all members.

Had a free workout over 2 years ago and been here ever since. Love the staff especially Julia. Great workout, can't imagine working out anywhere else.

I love it here, I don't get motivation like this anywhere else. It's fun, the staff is nice and the training is intense but that's what I like about it.

I think they are great and I love coming to Atomic.

I love Atomic Boxing. I think it is a great work out, and the instructors are all different and their classes are great in their own ways.

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    Atomic Boxing is the San Pedro area's BEST kickboxing, fitness and personal training studio.  We encourage you to take us up on our offer to try us FREE.  Download a Free Kickboxing Class Coupon and schedule to attend at a time that is convenient. Come see why we are the South Bay's favorite place to get fit, lose weight, tone up and have fun!


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